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Towerdraw O-613


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Towerdraw O-613

TOWERDRAW O-613 is a disappearing metalforming compound. TOWERDRAW O-613 provides boundary film lubrication, flushing and cooling for metalforming operations such as stamping, drawing and roll forming. Parts made with TOWERDRAW O-613 are typically clean enough for secondary operations or final assembly.


TOWERDRAW O-613 should be use as received and can be applied by drip, roller coater or airless spray systems. It is suitable for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, painted and vinyl clad materials. TOWERDRAW O-613 conforms with paragraph 178.3910 of Title 21, Food and Drugs, published by the Office of Federal register; wherein certain substances may be used as surface lubricants on metal that may have food contact, provided the residual does not exceed 0.015 milligrams per square inch.


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