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Tower A-108

TOWER A-108 is a product designed for use as a lubricant for stamping and drawing metals. It is particularly effective for tube bending and swaging operations. It produces a high strength, extreme pressure lubricating film on the surface of the tool and material being formed.


TOWER A-108 is designed to be used as a concentrate. It can also be diluted in various lighter viscosity oils if a less viscous product is required. These dilutions may vary from 10 to 50% TOWER A-108 in a lighter oil.


  • Residual film coats the mandrel and does not wipe off
  • Easily cleans in vapor degreasing or solvent based systems
  • Excellent for use on stainless steel and titanium tubing
  • Excellent for use in difficult bends
  • Does not contain sulfur


Product Technical Data Sheets

Tower A-108 Tower A-108