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Rustbeat 66-SRP

RUSTBEAT 66-SRP is a synthetic, biodegradable, rust preventive. It does not contain mineral oil and has no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). RUSTBEAT 66-SRP provides excellent rust prevention in humid environments for extended storage periods and long distance transportation of steel parts. RUSTBEAT 66-SRP dries quickly leaving a water displacing, thin, dry to the touch film.


RUSTBEAT 66-SRP is used neat as supplied. It may be applied as a corrosion inhibitor by spray, wipe, or dipping methods. RUSTBEAT 66-SRP is easily removable with an alkaline cleaner such as TOWERKLENE 42-A.


  • Does not contain hazardous ingrediants - No VOC's or HAP's
  • Can weld over rust preventive film
  • Dry to the touch film
  • Excellent RP for humid enviroments
  • Does not contain petroleim oils
  • Good operator acceptance


Product Technical Data Sheets

Rustbeat 66-SRP Rustbeat 66-SRP