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Rustbeat 298

RUSTBEAT 298 is a specialty rust preventive compounded to displace water and water soluble lubricants while simultaneously depositing a corrosion protective film on metal surfaces. The formulation is also designed for complete separation from tube mill coolants. RUSTBEAT 298 is formulated to meet the MIL-PRF-16173E specifications.
Rust Inhibitors Petroleum Based


RUSTBEAT 298 is a straight oil and can be applied by spray, brush, dip tank or recirculating spray methods. It is typically used when up to one year of indoor storage protection is required.


  • Displaces water efficently
  • Easy to wash in aqueous cleaning systems
  • Separates completely from water based lubricants
  • Up to 12 months indoor storage protection
  • Dry to the Touch film
  • 300 hours @ 100F @ 95-100% RH


Product Technical Data Sheets

Rustbeat 298 Rustbeat 298