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Rollform 1039

ROLLFORM 1039-RF is an emulsifiable coolant formulated for Roll Forming operations. Designed as a heavy duty roll forming coolant, ROLLFORM 1039-RF is formulated to be used on both, ferrous and stainless steel metals. It is operator-friendly and very stable in various types of waters. Formulated with excellent cooling and metal wetting characteristics, ROLLFORM 1039-RF will allow for the efficient dissipation of heat during roll forming operations.
Universal Emulsions


ROLLFORM 1039-RF is designed to be used at a starting dilution of 7% (14:1) with water. For secondary operations, beginning dilutions will vary, depending upon the relative severity of each particular operation.


  • Contains no hazardous ingrediants
  • Performs a wide range of operations
  • Has excellent rust protection
  • Cleans easily in low temperature water based solutions
  • Designed for heavy duty operations at extended dilutions
  • Has excellent re-wetting and anti-oxidation characteristics


Product Technical Data Sheets

Rollform 1039 Rollform 1039